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Companies to support entrepreneurs and startup businesses

– due to the difficult economic situation and willingness to promote entrepreneurship

29.9.2015 – Finnish companies Sontek, DataCenter Finland, and Trailmaker are set out to support startup companies in a country ridden with redundancy news. The company startup package is used to activate Finnish entrepreneurship and to promote business operations aiming at growth. The startup package provides an entrepreneur with up to 50,000 Euro, cloud services for six months, and concrete steps to take the business operation further. Starting at the end of 2015, ten startup companies, entrepreneurs, or business ideas will be selected to participate in the programme.

“We want to combine our strength to motivate Finnish entrepreneurship. There have been large scale layoffs, leaving a lot of competent professionals out of employment. Tekes funding has been cut, and ELY Centres are short of money too. Our startup packages are designed to make the starting and growing of business operations easier. During the year, we seek to find up to ten entrepreneurs or business ideas to promote further”, explains Petri Kiikka, Chairman of the Board at Sontek.

“With the public sector in Finland struggling to cope with the recession, it is much easier to dismantle than to create in political rhetoric. However, many politicians are also thinking that it is about time to leave the depressing atmosphere behind. Our society needs a fresh start – new enthusiasm. The companies behind this project are about to change the atmosphere in the country – toward a happier Finland”, says Harri Jaskari, a Member of Finnish Parliament. “This is a project that one is happy to be part of”.

Sontek offers up to 50,000 Euro of financial support per startup package. The package includes free cloud services provided by DataCenter Finland for a period of six months, and Trailmaker guidance for starting the business operations. The application period for the packages is 1st to 31st October 10.2015.

“To apply for the startup package, entrepreneurs should present their business idea and themselves in an approximately five-minute-long video recording. The free-form presentation video may be recorded by using a smart phone, for example. We hope to have plenty of applications for the panel that makes the final decisions. It’s great to have Member of Parliament Harri Jaskari on board the panel”, says Kiikka. “We want to continue helping startup entrepreneurs in the coming years, as well.”

DataCenter cloud services for the entrepreneurs include the server and storage capacity as well as the e-mail service the company requires. “We see to it that the IT environment serves the entrepreneur’s business needs in a flexible and safe manner”, says Ilmari Vallo, CEO at DataCenter.

Trailmaker streamlines and clarifies the growth plan of the enterprise or entrepreneur and evaluates the projects viability. “Our concept offers the entrepreneur concrete steps to take the business operation further”, explains Heikki Manninen, Chairman of the Board at Trailmaker.

Kindly send applications to hakemukset@sontek.fi.

Further information:

Jouni Salmi, Director, Sontek Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 342 3969, jouni.salmi@sontek.fi
Ilmari Vallo, CEO, DataCenter Finland Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 420 4707, ilmari.vallo@datacenter.fi
Heikki Manninen, Chairman of the Board, Trailmaker Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 598 9566, heikki.manninen@trailmaker.fi

Established in 2008, Sontek is an independent group representing a long lineage of Finnish entrepreneurship. Composed of innovative ICT companies, Sontek Group promotes the companies’ growth strategies to facilitate their growth. Sontek Group and its companies employ approximately 120 people, with a turnover exceeding ten million Euro. Over recent years, Sontek has focused on promoting green values and technologies. www.sontek.fi

Specialised in high-availability data centre services, DataCenter is a growth company with high-end data centres in Kilo, Espoo, and Vallilla, Helsinki. DataCenter ensures uninterrupted business continuity and data centre monitoring for the customers 24/7/365. The service is guaranteed by the almost 40 experienced IT professionals employed in the company. www.datacenter.fi

Developed by Finnish professional managers in 2006, TRAILMAKER is a strategic management concept, used to streamline hundreds of enterprises from growth companies to SMEs and corporates. Employing approximately 20 professionals, Trailmaker Oy operates in close cooperation with equity investment and regional development companies. Trailmaker operates in the Finnish Capital Region, Oulu, and Shanghai. www.trailmaker.fi