Chairman of the Board

For Petri Kiikka (born 1974), entrepreneurship is in the blood. A third-generation member of a business family, he is involved in ten or so companies by ownership or board work. Petri is fascinated in the momentum and innovativeness of the IT industry.

He follows the philosophy and guiding principle of the family business: for him, a quarter means a quarter of a century. Described as a true-to-life, kind-hearted, and gentle man, Petri is also a risk-taker and serial entrepreneur, bristling with ideas. He is building the company for the future, with the aim of creating opportunities for the future generations, especially for his daughter.

CEO (Ventures)


Jouni Salmi (born 1976) is a versatile management specialist, entrepreneur, and a father of two. A former officer in the Finnish Air Force, he has more than 10 years of experience in upper management tasks from various enterprises. His specialities include sales management, board and strategy work, finance, and human resource management, for example.

Described as a trustworthy and honest cosmopolite, Jouni has worked abroad on several occasions, gathering international business experience. An expert in the corporate world, he has a vast network of contacts.