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Sontek invested 100,000 Euro in the Finnish Smartblock solution

Supporting innovative growth companies, Sontek Oy has invested 100,000 Euro in the Oulu-based startup company Smartblock and its movable workplace solution. The investment will significantly promote and accelerate the company’s growth strategy. Smartblock workspace solutions were introduced in the spring of 2015, and the company attracted an offer book of no less than 3 million Euro at the Slush meeting organised in November.

Designed and built in Finland, Smartblock is an innovative workspace solution delivered ready-to-use. Set on integrated casters, Smartblock is easy to move around. The ready-furnished and space-saving Smartblocks are ideal for open plan offices, lobbies, airports, cafeterias, educational institutes, and various events, for example.

“Smartblock is an exceptionally interesting, smart, and modern workspace solution. We believe that there will be a great deal of demand for it in companies and organisations around the world. We see this as an attractive investment opportunity, and want to promote the growth and globalisation of the company. Smartblock workspace solutions are globally unique, and they can be further developed for the era of the Internet of things”, says Sontek Director Jouni Salmi. “The personnel are experienced and skillful, so all the ingredients for success are there”.

“The Sontek investment allows us to move faster, and provides credibility to our growth. Based on our strategy, the focus this year will be on the Finnish market, and then, in 2017, on growing our operations globally. Sontek provides us an important support network that we can utilise both in Finland and abroad”, says Smartblock Oy’s CEO, Janne Orava. “It’s great to have a company like Sontek to believe in us and our product”.

The workspace solution was designed by Mikko Sarkkinen, the Chief Creative Officer at Smartblock.

“We managed to develop the idea into a marketable product attracting enormous interest in a tight schedule. It’s really great to get an equity investor aboard at such an early stage. We can serve a very large customer-base, and we have already made several deliveries to listed companies, manufacturers, and educational institutions. We have received very good feedback for the design, quality of materials, functionality, and acoustics of the workspace”, says Sarkkinen.

Further information:

Janne Orava, CEO, Smartblock Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 820 4842, janne.orava@smartblock.fi
Mikko Sarkkinen, CCO, Smartblock Oy, tel. +358 (0)44 563 0920, mikko.sarkkinen@smartblock.fi
Jouni Salmi, Director, Sontek Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 342 3969, jouni.salmi@sontek.fi

Smartblock is an innovative workspace solution designed and built in Finland. The first Smartblock workspace was introduced in March 2015. Set on casters, Smartblock is an easy-to-move and ready-furnished workspace with high quality materials and acoustics. www.smartblock.fi